X-ing is a company that develop and produces innovative nutritional supplements and other nutrition. We launched our first product, X-ing vitamin C, on the Norwegian market in September 2017. And we are now working on developing new products, as well as expanding our business to Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. Ever since startup, our business have been founded on high quality products at an affordable price, and with our customers in the front seat, they mean everything to us.

Our vision is that our customers should be able to experience a difference in everyday life. With that we mean X-ing products will give you health benefits that will result in a better life. We all know that you achieve good health by combining exercise with a healthy diet. X-ing products will therefore be a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to give our customers a better everyday life by keeping them healthy, as well as offering proper nutrition related to exercise.

With X-ing you can be 100% confident that you will get unique, high-quality products. Look for X-ing next time you shop in one of these stores.